Surviving Your Worst Nightmare: A Guide for the Betrayed

Patti Snodgrasswritten by Patti Snodgrass

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“Your world has collapsed; your life dreams have crashed. Your heart has been wounded deeply–shattered, broken beyond repair, it seems. You wonder when your heart will stop bleeding. I understand. I too have stumbled along the same path of betrayal that you are on right now.

Walk with me through the background stories of my personal experience with infidelity. I vulnerably share my private journal entries and short vignettes of how I survived my husband’s betrayal. You will identify with my pain and confusion during the difficult stages of recovery. My story of survival is dramatic, hopeful, and instructive; it will help you as you process through the wide variety of emotions and if you choose, you will eventually move beyond the hurt and devastation that this nightmare has caused.

May you find the courage to survive this nightmare in your heart; upon awakening a new life can be found.”

–Patti Snodgrass

About Patti Snodgrass

Patti Snodgrass In a matter of seconds, my life was altered forever. In that cruel moment, as the confession of betrayal fell from my husband’s lips, I felt as though I had been viciously catapulted into a vast and terrifying wilderness. The terrain was unfamiliar. I wandered, lost and heartbroken. I did not know how to live my life after broken wedding vows. Weariness consumed me as intimidating and horrifying thoughts of shame, confusion, doubt and insecurity terrorized my mind. Fear created a paralysis like none I had ever experienced before.

As my life dreams collapsed, suffocating sorrow enveloped me. Past memories were no longer fond. Nothing made sense. What was real in my life? Who was I? Could I heal from the trauma that had been inflicted? Would I ever love again? Trust again? Was it truly possible? Had my heart been broken beyond repair? Would I survive this oppressive nightmare?

When I began this journey of broken wedding vows and forsaken love, I entered into the most strenuous battle of my life as I learned how to survive the nightmare assault on my heart. The personal discoveries I made as I wandered lost and frightened in the wilderness of betrayal were crucial for my survival. During my wanderings I often wondered if this journey through betrayal would be in vain. Oh God! Let it not be so! I wondered if I could be a voice that calls back to the brokenhearted, those who are now lost and confused by their loved ones’ choices and consumed by overwhelming sadness and fear? Is it possible that I might give encouragement to someone who is stumbling along the same frightening path that I traversed just a few years before?

Surviving Your Worst Nightmare: A Guide for the Betrayed was written as a result of my wilderness wanderings. It was a long journey, but I did survive my worst nightmare. I knew my story of how I survived my husband's unfaithfulness must be told, so I spent four years pouring through my journals and painstakingly reconstructing my story in the form of a survival guide. I wanted to be a voice that calls out to you in your darkest of nights, to encourage you and to help you navigate the aftermath of your loved one’s betrayal. My hope is that you will embrace some of what I learned as I journeyed before you into the vast and frightening wilderness of betrayal. It is my desire that that my story of survival may give you hope for your future and will help to bring clarity and healing to your wounded heart.

—Patti Snodgrass